You’d like to work or study abroad, marry, perhaps obtain a divorce? You’ll need translations of your records and official documents and they must be certified.

As a rule, these occasions usually require the translation of the following documents:

Working abroad: school/university certificates, certificates of apprenticeship, journeyman’s examination certificates, job references, certificates of internship, certificates of further training, police clearance certificates as well as résumés and application letters according to country-specific requirements

Studying abroad: school leaving certificate (general qualification for university entrance), transcripts of records, certificates of internship

Getting married abroad: birth certificates, certificates of no impediment, divorce decrees referring to former marriages, affidavits

Other contexts often require a certified translation of the following documents:
certificate of residency, tax statements, extracts from the register of companies, pension approval certificates, insurance policies, statements of income, driver’s license, certificates of naturalization etc.

We offer fast and low-cost service for these occasions. Naturally the translation itself is not free, but there is no extra charge for the certification. We offer this free service for three copies of each official document or record. There will be a moderate charge if additional copies are required.

Additional service: certified translations are also available in form of PDF files upon request.