Project handling / Know-how

We preserve the form (file formats)

All of our translations are prepared in the programs used for the creation of the original texts, guaranteeing that you easily recognize your own work in our translations. Exception: Layout programs.

Quality assurance

All of our translations are prepared by native speakers, subjected to strict review, and proofread once again after they have been completed.

We work with CAT tools and generate a customized database of terminology for each client; this guarantees accuracy of the customer-specific terminology, and results in a high level of efficiency and precision. It also ensures consistent usage throughout your translation.

We are big on confidentiality (non-disclosure agreement)

It goes without saying that all texts we receive will be handled in strict confidence. If desired, specific non-disclosure statements will be issued.

By the way, the discretion we exercise with respect to the materials sent to us extends fully to the names of our clients, who come to us from the following sectors:

law firms and notary offices, tax accountants and auditors, advertising, marketing, and PR agencies, IT and communications companies, insurance companies, banks, and other leading business enterprises.